Proposed Bills - 2013

The Brewers Association of Maryland (BAM) officially supports (unless, where noted "supports with amendments") and actively promotes the safe passage of the legislation detailed below for the 2013 Legislative Session currently underway in the Maryland General Assembly.

If you are a Maryland resident, BAM requests that you contact your local representatives in support of these pieces of legislation to continue our collective mission; promotion and protection of Maryland craft beer.  Please see the link below in order to do such.

Please contact BAM if you would like additional information pertaining to any of the bills listed below.

BAM proudly works in conjunction with the craft beer retailers and wholesalers of the state of Maryland in order to promote and protect small business in Maryland.

If you are interested in filing legislation to strengthen, protect, and/or promote craft beer in your part of Maryland, please contact BAM.

Class of Manufacturer defined:
Class 5 - Production Brewery (ie- Union Craft Brewery, Flying Dog Brewery, Heavy Seas Beer, etc.)
Class 7 - Micro-Brewery, informally refered to as a "brew-pub" (ie- The Brewer's Art, Evolution Craft Brewing Co)
Class 8 - Farm Brewery (ie- Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farm)

* Support with Amendments

# Title Primary Sponsor Result Committee
HB4 Class 5 On-Premise Consumption Haddaway-Riccio PASSED Economic Matters
SB32 Class 5 On-Premise Consumption Colburn PASSED Ed,Health,Enviro
HB230 Class 8 & Class 7 Contract Brewing Schulz PASSED Economic Matters
HB231* Class 7 Limited Beer Wholesale License Schulz PASSED Economic Matters
SB223* Class 7 Limited Beer Wholesale License Conway PASSED Ed,Health,Enviro
SB955 Class 5 Refillable Containers Brinkley PASSED Ed,Health,Enviro
HB162 Class 7 add Caroline County Caroline County Delegation PASSED Economic Matters

Please contact your local representatives to let them know that you support #MdBeer!

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House Bill 4/Senate Bill 32: Allows for a Class 5 Production Brewery to sell beer by the glass to the general public, provided they are of legal drinking age.  The proposed bill positively impacts the local munipality, county, and state as it:

-attracts additional tourism activity
-further supports business development local to a Class 5
-results in the hiring of additional employees
-increases tax revenue
-works to equalize competition between Maryland and adjacent states
-does not undermine current business plans of retailers or wholesalers residing in the state
-aides a start-up Class 5 to see immediate finanacial return, while developing their brand with consumers

House Bill 230: Clarifies language to allow for a Class 7 to contract-brew for a Class 8.  Currently, a Class 8 can only enter into agreement with a Class 5 to contract-brew their recipe(s).  The proposed bill simply offers the ability for more opportunity in regard to various class of manufacturers to work with and for one another in Maryland.

House Bill 231*/Senate Bill 223*: Allows for a Class 7 to apply for a Limited Beer Wholesaler license to self-distribute their own beer up to 3,000 bbls annually.  The proposed bill positively impacts Maryland beer through:

-aiding a Class 7 to develop their brand at retail locations in the marketplace
-provides a direct financial return of investment for a Class 7
-helps Wholesalers, as a Class 7 will now be responsible for the "groundwork" to initially develop the brand at retail
-ensures as a Class 7 passes 3,000 bbls distributed annually, a Wholesaler will have a developed, reliable brand to add to their portfolio
-works to equalize competition between Maryland and adjacent states

Senate Bill 955: Per the request and recommendation of the Office of the Comptroller of Maryland, this bill explictly grants the right for a Class 5 to fill and sell re-fillable containers (growlers) at their brewery to consumers for off-premise consumption, provided the sale stays within the current restriction of a total of 288 fluid ounces sold.

House Bill 162: The bill simply extends the ability to apply for a Class 7 Manufacturing License to Caroline County.  Under current Maryland law, Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's, Saint Mary's, and Somerset  Counties do not have the ability to apply for a Class 7 Manufactuing License.

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